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Principal's Letter

Welcome to Mesabi East Elementary! We believe that every child can learn and should be given the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe and inviting environment. Mesabi East Elementary values every child and has created multiple opportunities for students to expand their academic and social/emotional horizons. We begin the educational journey for our students in preschool where we are proud to offer many options for your child’s pre-school experience. For children that are 3 ½ as of September 1st, we offer a 2-day program. The two-day program is a tuition based program and runs the full school day on Wednesday (early out day) and Friday. For children that are 4 as of September 1st, we offer 2 different 4-yearold programs (4-year-old program-3 days are free of charge).

• 3 full day program on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday

• 5 full day program (Monday through Friday)

Beyond the preschool years we offer physical education, music, STEAM (grades PreK-4), art (grades 5 &6), FACS (grades 5 & 6), and industrial technology (grades 5 & 6). We provide extra support to students and their families through Reading Corps, Title One, Giant Success and Special Education. The success of each program is attributed to a clear vision, high quality instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment, data driven decision-making, and fidelity of implementation. These programs give students the opportunity to improve their reading and math skills in a small group setting so they can be successful in school and life. Our programs welcome the opportunity for parent involvement. The school has opportunities for parents to be involved through our PTO, Early Childhood Coalition, I Love to Read Month, class field trips, and other monthly events throughout the school year.